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Horsemanship is the “riding, training, and management of horses.” It is the trust that the horse and rider should have as teammates. We as people live our lives in the fast lane and expect so much out of our horses in such a short time. It is fine to have these expectations but, as a rider you should understand what your horse is capable of. Pushing to much could be detrimental to your horse. As horsemen and women we should know our horses from the inside out. Start with proper feed and learn their bodies. Too much feed or too little could harm your horse and you should seek help if you do not understand or unsure of feed for your horse. Farrier work and understanding their feet is key without this or improper care of your horses feet is not only painful to them but could be costly to fix. There is more to horses than just feed and feet but for now lets focus on training. When riding or teaching we should know how our horses move so that we can better train them, without a lot of force. A riders balance is also important, losing balance could confuse your horse to feel or move the way that they can. Ultimately the training here is based on the ideals of dressage and having a horse use itself to the best of their ability. Horses are professional athletes and with the proper care and training they can and will  perform for you.