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About Us

About Martha Deeds

I grew up in Northern Virginia horse country and moved to Colorado for college but could not leave. I started my riding career doing Pony Club, Hunting, and Hunter / Jumper shows. I then converted to eventing in Colorado after competing in a Pair Pace in the late 1980’s. Since then I have evented mostly ex-race horses getting four horses up through the intermediate level. I have competed all over the United States and always learn. I love learning new things and teaching as each horse and rider require different ways and words to better understand how to feel certain movements and exercises. This keeps me excited about life. I revel in teaching both the horse and rider together no matter their levels and aspirations.

Meet the Family

  Brianna Scott
Bri lives at the farm with her fiance Joshua Kelly.  She has been riding her whole Life, and Horses are her passion.  She is dedicated to improving her horsemanship on a daily basis, and loves any opportunity to learn something new.  Joshua grew up in upstate New York on a small farm with a horse crazy family.  He truly embraced horsemanship after meeting Brianna.  He has proven to be quite an equestrian, and adores animals of all shapes and sizes.  They are the proud parents of a solid bred Quarter horse paint mare.  Together they have trained Daaow from the ground up, and are looking forward to competing in the eventing world.  You can read more about them at :

  Linda Millisor
Owns and rides her 13 year old Andalusion “Paint” and competes at Novice level. She also owns 3 year old Dutch Warmblood “Rhett” and a 7 year old PRE Andalusion Stallion named "Feriante Al" who is referred to as "Jeffe" at the barn.

  Jill Alexander
Owns and rides 14 year old thoroughbred “Pete” in dressage and trails.

  Jill Garzarelli
Owns and rides 4 year old thoroughbred “Maverick”!

  Audra Littlewood
Owns and rides 10 year old thoroughbred “Truly Cajun” and competes in Novice level events.

  Sam O’ Meara
Owns and rides her 7 year old thoroughbred “Madison Avenue” and competes at Training level events. 

Dominique Wright
Owns and rides her 8 year old thoroughbred "High Affirmed" also known as JJay, and competes at Novice level events.